Ecuador Certification

In Ecuador we have the ISO 9001 certification, recognized for the management of quality systems.

Peru Certifications

In Peru we have the ISO 9001, 14001, 37001 & 45001 certifications.

Peru Certifications

In Compañía Verdú S.A. we are visibly committed to maintaining an integrated management culture in matters of quality, safety, the environment and Anti-bribery. This culture is implicit in the way we carry out our activities. This is how we motivate both our employees and our business partners to maintain, at all times, a behavior aligned with our organizational culture.

Its purpose is to establish guidelines in anti-bribery management, guiding our workers in the scope of their functions, roles and responsibilities to the prohibition, prevention, detection and communication, if it happens, of cases or attempts of bribery. It must also be communicated and applied with business partners that are related to our organization.



Compañía Verdú S.A. enfoca el Sistema de Gestión como una manera de organizar nuestro funcionamiento, partiendo de unos compromisos básicos como son la Calidad de sus servicios, la satisfacción del cliente, el compromiso de la prevención de la contaminación, la seguridad de nuestros trabajadores y asociados y la mejora continua de la eficacia del Sistema.


We are an Ecuadorian construction company with 50 years of experience.
General Information
Guayaquil Office: Av. Joaquín Orrantia y Av. Juan Tanca Marengo, Edificio Executive Center, Piso 1, Oficina 101
Phones: +593-04-215-8260 / +593-04-215-8133
Fax: +593-04-215-8420

Quito Office: Orellana E40-430 y Amazonas
Edf. Orellana 500, piso 10, oficina 1001
Phones: +593-02-255-1565
Fax: +593-02-255-6849
Guayaquil Office: Km. 10.5 vía a la Costa
Phones: +593-04-2990-310 / +593-04-2990 300
Fax: +593-04-287-0770


Compañía Verdú