About our company

We are an Ecuadorian construction company with 50 years of experience in the execution of civil engineering works.

During this period the company has participated in a great number of projects both public and private, following in each one of them our corporate philosophy which is: constructing with quality, following the technical norms and within the contractual terms, which has granted us a recognized level of national and international prestige.

We have a staff of professionals, technicians and workers of the highest level, with machinery and equipment of our own that, along with the new technologies and the appropriate application of construction methodologies, has given us the best support for the success obtained.


We are a business group that permanently works on the execution of civil engineering works for both the public and private sector, through a excellent quality services, following each and every technical as well as environmental norms, within the contractual terms, fomenting the human development of all our collaborates.


Being the business group of the greatest national and international recognition for our function and strict commitment to our values.


Responsibility, loyalty, respect, equity, honesty, solidarity, justice and laboriousity.        


The Scope of our Management System is: Construction management of civil engineering works such as highways, airports, bridges and similar.

Integral Policy of Management System

We are committed to the Construction Management of Civil Engineering Works such as highways, airports, bridges and similar; aligned to our strategic vision, with full fulfillment of the interested partiesrequirements, environmental protection and pollution prevention; providing safe and healthy working conditions, with processes of consultation and participation of workers, committed to excellence and continuous improvement.

We are an Ecuadorian construction company with 50 years of experience.
General Information
Guayaquil office: Av. Joaquín Orrantia y Av. Juan Tanca Marengo, Edificio Executive Center, Piso 1, Office 101
Phones: +593-04-215-8260 / +593-04-215-8133
Fax: +593-04-215-8420

Quito Office: Orellana E40-430 y Amazonas
Edf. Orellana 500, piso 10, oficina 1001
Phone: +593-02-255-1565
Fax: +593-02-255-6849
Guayaquil office: Km. 10.5 vía a la Costa
Phones: +593-04-2990-310 / +593-04-2990 300
Fax: +593-04-287-0770


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