work environment, security and health

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all our employees.

Work environment

The work environment is one of the most relevant factors in the development of a company. Therefore, CompañíaVerdú S.A pays attention to all the elements that contribute to the emotional well-being of its employees, guaranteeing the best of the environments for the development of their tasks.

Security and health

Compañía Verdú SA, aware of the importance of the well-being of its workers, provides safe and healthy working conditions to prevent occupational health damage, with continuous improvements of preventive action, eliminating or reducing the risks associated with activities carried out by the staff.

We are an Ecuadorian construction company with 50 years of experience.
General Information
Guayaquil office: Av. Joaquín Orrantia y Av. Juan Tanca Marengo, Edificio Executive Center, Piso 1, Office 101
Phones: +593-04-215-8260 / +593-04-215-8133
Fax: +593-04-215-8420

Quito Office: Orellana E40-430 y Amazonas
Edf. Orellana 500, piso 10, oficina 1001
Phone: +593-02-255-1565
Fax: +593-02-255-6849
Guayaquil office: Km. 10.5 vía a la Costa
Phones: +593-04-2990-310 / +593-04-2990 300
Fax: +593-04-287-0770


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